What We Do

Campus Outreach


Sidewalk Counseling

  • Caring for All Hearts - Even the Tiny Ones

    Using Abortion Victim Photography, we show people the humanity of unborn children and the inhumanity of abortion. In addition to outreach in the general community, we come alongside churches and equip Christians to share their faith and defend their pro-life worldview.

Defending Life Through Education and Activism

Join Us In The Fight For Tiny Hearts

  • Talk with Other Christians About the Evils of Abortion

    Those who should be most likely to stand by you in the fight for life are fellow Christians. Unfortunately, many sadly do not recognize abortion as the Holocaust of our day – or worse, do not deem it necessary to “hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter” as Proverbs 24:11 commands us to do. As such, communicating the evils of abortion to Christians you know as well as your local church are vitally important.

  • Start Sidewalk Counseling

    Most towns in the state of Washington have a local Planned Parenthood – where babies are slaughtered every week with no one outside to act as the last line of defense for life. You can change that!

  • Engage with the Public

    If abortion is ever to be done away with by our society, our society must come to recognize abortion for the evil that it is. As such, engaging the hearts and minds of the populace is vitally important to stopping abortion.